A vehicle in the Halo saga. This is an armored truck with a gatling gun turret. Very useful in Slayer and Capture The Flag. Three guys can fit in the vehicle. One drives, one shoots, and one passenger.
The vehicle can be carried by the Pelican dropship. The gatling gun can overheat if fired too much.
The vehicle can be stunned by a Plasma Pistol's charge blast.

This vehicle closely resembles the animal of its namesake.
by negrosahn May 8, 2015
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A pitiful slob of a human being. Completely and utterly worthless. Smells like garbage. Tries to run fast like Sonic.
"That Jayden kid is a total warthog. Big ole tusks and errything!"

"Yeah, and he smells like garbage!"

"Don't mess with him though, or he'll bring out the tusks!"
by StinkManTheGod April 19, 2021
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a puma.
my friend: oh! Look a warthog!

me: it's a puma ffs!
by litteraly_hitler March 15, 2019
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Someone who is so ugly, they would rather look like a warthog than what they currently look like.
That girl Amy is a warthog wannabe, I wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole.

My friend tried to set me up on a blind date and she turned out to be a total warthog wannabe.
by YourEditor December 12, 2013
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also see Vehicle Whore , pistol whore , and rocket whore a warthog whore is a n00b in halo, halo 2, or halo 3 that uses a warthog to drive around the map doing NOTHING except driving, or running over enemy spartans: often pwned by a roket launcher or grenade
Chickabowow2: f*****ing warthog whore ran over me again!
yourgrandma: haha!
chickabowow2 (team) : someone use a rocket launcher!!!!
IlikePizzaPie: on it
by FLYING KITTIES OF DOOM!!! December 27, 2008
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