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Ref: Literary. "Revelation" by Flanner O' Connor.

The insultingest insult ever!

"Go back to hell where you came from, you old warthog."
by SeaBat June 11, 2006
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A girl that is so ugly you can't stand to look at her.
Damn, that girl was a total warthog rectum!
by naynay99 July 27, 2010
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A type of warthog found only in near the equator and is worshipped almost as a god by many ancient Amazonian tribes. The mung warthog is extremely sensitive to sunlight and is most commonly known for its habit of burrowing into old graves, during the harsh daylight, with its mate and munging buried corpses for sustainance and recreation.
Timon: Wow! Thats a nasty rash, when did you get that?!

Pumbaa: When I was a mung warthog!

Timon: Nice, very nice.
by TheGodbler March 3, 2011
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Any instance involving a group of females in which an 'ugly' female is kept around not for her personality, but in order to make the rest of the group seem prettier by comparison to any male interested or showing interest in the group.

Does not apply to male groups.
OMG dude, major warthog effect happening in Stacey's group with the new chick
by vish1206 January 26, 2011
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the position in which someone is being fucked from behind (either male on female, female on female, male on male, or female on male) and the sender reaches up and over the receiver's head and sticks the index and middle fingers of their hand in the nostrils of the receiver and pulls back forcefully.

The term is given it's name due to the noise the receiver will make and the thrashing that will occur after the move has been performed.
"Don't you ever give me the reverse warthog again or I'll bite your dick off!"
by JBut November 25, 2007
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A term used in Halo to describe someone who can drive the M-12 Warthog or Halo PC's M-12A1 RocketHog with apparent ease, pulling off tricks and killing people like there's nothing to it. You can achieve Warthog Ninja-ness by

1. Dodging multiple tank shots
2. getting a "Killtacular" kill while driving with no gunner
3. sneaking up behind people and running them over

You can also be a Ghost Ninja, or a Scorpion or Tank Ninja. Sadly, Banshee Ninjas do not exist because of the amazing lameness of the vehicle. Most Banshee pilots are simply referred to as Banshee Whores, and are disliked by most Halo PC players.
Zuka: w0rt! I'm the Warthog Ninja!
Neo was killed by Zuka
Orange was killed by Zuka
BigBob: My mom had a sex change
Mako: o.0
Mako was killed by Zuka
BigBob was killed by Zuka
by Zuka July 14, 2004
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You take a brand new matchbox car, shove it up your shithole pull it out drive it around your girlfriends body like its worth a million dollars (make sure you painted her brown. don't forget to take a pitstop in her mouth) and then park it in her cave.....which one? you decide.
-Dude i totally gave my gf a dirty warthog last night.

-no way man! how did it go?
-well the piece of shit is still on my bed
-your gf or the car?
by Blade1172 August 11, 2009
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