A Really Ugly Girl Who Thinks Shes Fine That Has A Fucked Up Face And Her Teeth Looks Like Theres Tusks Coming Out Like A Warthog.
OMG DID YOU SEE THAT WARTHOG. Dude She Needs Some Braces On The Spot I Mean Wtf.
by The Hanster January 22, 2008
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A derogatory word to call someone, such as a friend, when they do not answer your incoming FaceTime call.
Girl: Wow, Max is such a Warthog. I know he can see my call but does not pick up.
Boy: Abby is such a Warthog, everyone knows it, even Siri and she can see Abby's calls.
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by themanwhodefinesthings November 28, 2016
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As in Warty Warthog, codename of a distribution of Ubuntu Linux. As with other releases, it is named after animals (Hoary Hedgehog, Breezy Badger).

In this case the Warthog (Phacochoerus africanus), a wild member of the pig family, that lives in Africa.

Warty means that it has small cauliflower-like growth spots all over its body. Nice...
Ubuntu 4.10 Preview, codenamed "the Warty Warthog", or just "Warty".
by ForgeDMD May 06, 2005
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your piece= a hog
herpes= wartlike lesions
a piece with herpes= warthog
exhibitionist: "dude check out my warthog ! (exposes self)"

non voyeurist: (abhorrently averting eye contact) "dude that's fucking disgusting put that thing away before your insurance company becomes responsible for my lifetime valtrex prescription.
by anonymous2213 October 14, 2008
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A vehicle in the Halo saga. This is an armored truck with a gatling gun turret. Very useful in Slayer and Capture The Flag. Three guys can fit in the vehicle. One drives, one shoots, and one passenger.
The vehicle can be carried by the Pelican dropship. The gatling gun can overheat if fired too much.
The vehicle can be stunned by a Plasma Pistol's charge blast.

This vehicle closely resembles the animal of its namesake.
by negrosahn May 08, 2015
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