Actively seeking out heavyset and or unattractive women at a bar or club and attempting to engage in sex acts with her. Often done as sport with other male friends.
Me and my buds went out warthogging last night.
by parrib1 May 18, 2011
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The theory that the warthogs are the ones who are really running things.
by keyscul January 28, 2013
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An impossible, made up trick that you ask a skateboarder to do, used to utterly confuse them.
Niall: "Do a warthog!"

Random skater: "What the fuck is a Warthog?"
by xxfordxx13 August 20, 2008
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The act of simultaneously sucking on two penises at the same time. Name derived from the two tusks protruding from the snout of the animal.
Much to my surprise, she was warthogging Dan and Phil when I walked into the room.
by jewberg November 21, 2007
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A derogatory word to call someone, such as a friend, when they do not answer your incoming FaceTime call.
Girl: Wow, Max is such a Warthog. I know he can see my call but does not pick up.
Boy: Abby is such a Warthog, everyone knows it, even Siri and she can see Abby's calls.
by themanwhodefinesthings November 29, 2016
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When performing the deed from behind, equip the double shakas, crank the thumbs into her mouth pushing into her cheeks/gums (double fish hook stlye). Twisting palms up, forcing the pinkies back (replicating the tusks), the warthog is born, she will... squel.
Yeah i heard a loud piggish squeal from the back room, I walked in hurriedly to find Tom performing the "Warthog" on Jessikah. It was simply arrousing
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a snotty animal. there was one in the lion king who was very body confident. i like body confident warthogs.
the warthog snorted, ‘you do not insult my body!’
by idioticmonkeys August 9, 2019
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