18 definitions by SeaBat

An eager person, usually with a nerdish edge to their enthusiasm.
"Hammy was already on my doorstep when I got home from work, even tho the show's not 'til 9. Brah's a keen bean."

"Jennifer's such a keen bean she ducked out of the New Year's party early to get a head start on her tax return."
by SeaBat June 10, 2006
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A rear end that is flat or non-existent, or, in extreme cases, even oddly concave.
"My jeans flap in the back 'cause I got a negative ass."
by SeaBat June 11, 2006
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Picking your nose and often, by association, the eating of that found therein.
"Little kids are notorious for mining green gold."
by SeaBat June 11, 2006
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The worst euphemism ever for "asshole".

First emerged circa 1995 in an erotica novel entitled "Fairy Tale Stories for GrownUps," and has made intermittent guest appearances in other coy, female-penned soft-porn literature since that time.
Cinderella, wearing only glass ho heels, begged the Prince to sock it to her rose hole.
by SeaBat June 11, 2006
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A yellow caution sign indicating that a Pegasus (winged horse) may be crossing your path at any moment.
"Slow down dude!! Can't you read? Pegasus Xing."
by SeaBat June 10, 2006
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To consume something in large, hasty bites.
"Did you even taste that bag of Cheezies? You just mowlfed em."
by SeaBat June 12, 2006
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Walking somewhere on your own two legs that God gave you.

(The legs each represent a "1.")
"Lazy North American mofos are so dependent on their cars they won't even take the frigging number 11 bus 2 blocks."
by SeaBat June 11, 2006
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