Considering the future implications of current choices, thinking ahead, being deliberate and patient.
He runs his mouth, but he doesn't really have a long game, So he always ends up with cheap and easy.
by GuerillaGr8 December 6, 2016
1. British term for a long-term confidence trick, or con. A multi-step scam, often involving multiple people and aimed at obtaining large sums of money from marks, or suckers.

2. More generally, any strategy with a long-term goal of gaining the upper-hand. Often used to describe politicians trying to outwit opponents.
1. Took a year, but Richard and Alice managed to get a couple dozen rich widows to invest in their bogus mutual fund; they played the long game and won big.

2. The prime minister seemed weak in his negotiations with the Russians, but in reality she's playing the long game and giving them a false sense of security.
by WineOfTyrants August 28, 2014
The gratuitously long yet rewarding journey of courting a woman into becoming your girlfriend.
Coleman played the Long Game in order to win the heart of Katherine and make her, his girlfriend.
by Dr. Hambone April 28, 2015
Waiting for someone as long as it takes even when they don’t love you.
Maya- I’ll play the long game with you; as long as it takes
by Kemiahrose February 27, 2018
Playing the long game in a relationship isn't when 2 people have a goal to be together but the timing isn't always right. They might live far apart, have age differences, or be at different stages of their life. When playing the long game they agree to live their separate lives in hopes that eventually when timing is right, they'll be together in the end. They don't have to be exclusive but they also don't have to see other people. You make your own rules.
1. "I really like you but we're in different stages of our lives and the timing isn't right. I'm in it for the long game.."

2. "Long game?"
"Long game."
by allthefeels June 3, 2018
When two people, who, by chance like each other, but can't commit themselves to a relationship straight away (maybe due to age difference, or other situations etc.) agree to play The Long Game, essentially saying "I'll wait for you".
"Look, I'm in it for The Long Game. I know you're always out there, and I know you are too."
by funkyspidertatoes July 23, 2021