A person whom thinks they are better than the rest, yet they aren't anything.
Synonym: Pretender.
SoloLagrimas: I am so confident I can destroy you. I am the best. Therefore, a Wanna-Be
by leviathangoat July 29, 2014
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Monster rookie. Kings. Everyone loves wanna one! #WannaOneForever
'what's wanna one?'

co wannable; "A monster rookie, kings"
by dwlmr May 2, 2018
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Wanna One is a south korean boy group under YMC entertainment through the hit survival show " Produce 101 season 2". the top 11 of these trainees make up Wanna One.

they are Kang Daniel(rank 1, "daddy", sexy and cute), Park Jihoon(rank 2, wink boy, jeojang), Lee Daehwi(rank 3, half of jinhwi, cute maknae), Kim Jaehwan(rank 3, high-note king, psychopath, Mr 2m39cm), Ong Seongwoo(rank 5, slate representative, funny guy), Park Woojin(rank 6, reversal charm, savage, official VJ, laughter that can kill), Lai Guanlin(rank 7, taiwan boy, "swaggy rapper", savage maknae), Yoon Jisung(rank 8, umma, fairy, *claps), Hwang Minhyun(rank 9, Nu'est, hwang CEO, appa, real life boyfriend), Bae Jinyoung(rank 10, other half of jinhwi, deep dark, tak tak), Ha Sungwoon(rank 11, HOTSHOT, immo, underrated visual, angel voice)
they will be making their debut on 7 August 2017 with their first mini album "1x1=1". they also will have a reality program called Wanna One Go which shows them in their dorm life as well as other challenges.
oh have you heard of the boy group Wanna One?
who is your Wanna One bias?
by Syerinssi July 31, 2017
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a girl who acts and dresses like a slut to get attention from guys, but has actually never had sex. these girls want to be seen as "hot" "sexy" and "slutty" but have done very little sexually. these girls only seek attention, positive or negative, an mostly from members of the opposite sex. most annoying people on the planet.
"Have you seen what Ryan is wearing today? She just wants attention, but none of the guys even like her. She's such a little wanna-slut."
by sarah is radd December 27, 2010
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a girl who dyes her hair just so she can use her blonde hair as a decoy for her dumbness
Rebecca is such a wanna be barbie!
by Joanna_burnette November 29, 2010
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Used to ask if someone wants to put the same amount of drugs, usually marajuana in a circle so everyone is contributing equally to the group pot.
"Hey holly wanna match tonight?"
"Yeah, I'll meet you out by the bridge,"
"Sweet, see you then"
by RockytopTN August 2, 2017
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A wanna be roadman is typically a 12-16 year old who tries to act hard.

They try to use slang but it just sounds a little bit wet when they use it.
Often pick fights with people bigger than them and often pussy out when they actually get squared up.
Often one of a "wanna be roadman" nature has a very high pitched voice.
"Ayyyyy Halim is the wettest fuckin' don around, mum's next time i see him im gonna bang that little bitch right in his ugly fuckin face man *kisses teeth*" -*gets beaten up a couple days later by Halim.
"Shut up! Man has bare Ps' u kno. Oh mY DaYs U aRe ThE wEtTeST GUy I kNo MAn UUUUGGGHHHH!"
-Wanna be roadman from yr 7
by XxAyubxX October 28, 2019
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