wanksta is a dumass word never heard before until 50 cent brought it up. the true word is busta u fools.. pay respect to da O.G
bish what da fuk is wanksta u mutherfukin busta
by lunatic August 03, 2003
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A wanksta is a person that asks like he lives the life of a true gangsta...but the truth is that he don't. He/she tires to act all hard and shit but he/she is jus embarssing himself/herself. He/she thinks he has it all like money, girls, blah blah, but he aint got shit. To sum it all up in one word is that he/she is a big ass POSER. :P
The people by a certain century theater stand there all day with their never seen before jerseys, clean air force ones and all the "bling bling" they own are wankstas.
by JD August 26, 2003
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a fake... phoney wannabe gangsta that dotn got tha ryde dont got tha girls dont got tha ice and dont live in tha real hood ...they think they know street but they dont
B-rad from malibus most wnated is a striaght up wanksta ! and wigger!
by christina September 11, 2003
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From the ebonic stem *sta, denoting any person (gang-*sta, a person associated with a gang), combined with the prefix w-, denoting either, depending on philological interpretation "white," or "wannabe." The section *ank* is merely a corruption of the end of "gang". Sc., a wanksta is a person who claims to be a gangster, but is not.
"You'se a wanksta, boy! Yo teef is covered wit' aluminum, not gold."
by Dr. E. Aaron Hes, Phil.D. April 03, 2003
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am i the only one who finds it weird that everybody claims ja rule is a "wanksta" for making love ballads now? he has been making music for way longer that "15 minutes"(1999-2003). He has been making music for a while now and it is only natural that he would progress from being gangster(Holla Holla,(1999-2000 era)to making club bangers(livin it up etc.) alot of artists do this LL Cool J went from being hot as hell( I cant live without my radio, mama siad knock u out...) to making love ballads ( i need love, etc) does that make him a wanksta? Nope. what about Nate Dogg he always fronts like hes hard as fcuk but all he does is sing hooks, even the "Almighty" 50 cent had that 21 questions song (wackest track) which unquestionably makes hima hyprocrite (especially since he cant rhyme if his life depended on it.
if ja rule constitutes a wanksta then so are the following:
50 Cent(21 questions)
LL Cool J ( I need love)
Nate Dogg (every song he has ever been on)
by THEDOPEISH August 22, 2004
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Ever see those little rudeboys who walk down the street threatning everything they see, thinking there hard, until some big bloke walkes past, he gets called then bang...the kid walks off back to his pregnant 20 yr old mum and his smackhead stepdad...(thats the english way :P)

Or in other words, some twat who thinks dey hard...
little twat: Oi ya bastard, ya fuckin startin?
big guy: No...
little twat: Yeah ya are, cmon ill knok you out
big guy: Stfu u wanksta
by Deathlok April 26, 2006
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