Completley drunk, to be pissed out of one's face to the point of an alcohol induced comatosed state,
Mate forget that, im blathered, i want a kebab then im going home

Last night i was absolutley blathered
by skooczy May 6, 2015

blathered, blathering, blathers

To talk nonsensically.
Nonsensical talk.

(Old Norse bladhra. See bhl- in Indo-European Roots.)

Also see blatherskite
I have had enough of your fucking blather...
by Shawn Taylor September 1, 2004
The most annoying owl you will ever meet. He'll also eventually take your fossil after giving you a 30 minute lecture about the fossil

(He's the smart owl in animal crossing)
by ImpactedBat1528 April 27, 2020
A different definition of getting high.

Synonyms: stoned, high, baked, loaded.
Bro that sticky icky totally got me blathered!!!
by Rock873 April 5, 2016
a stupid ass who talks and talks and talks until you want to bang their heads against a wall. most of what they say makes no sense and there is no way of getting out a conversation with said stupid ass.
god, shelly is such a blathering idiot. she doesn't shut up!
by notquitecoolyet89 April 2, 2011