A woman who really likes baked goods and is slowly taking over the world using them.
She created crockercorps
See also batterwitch for further detail
EB: the gushers were made by Betty Crocker!!
TG: wow
EB: i know... is nothing sacred?
by Dirk's autoresponder February 8, 2012
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To make prepackaged baked goods.

Use of this term is meant to replace the word "bake". It acknowledges the absence of baking skills so no one confuses literacy with talent.

Can be used with products of other names.
I Betty Crockered some muffins last night.

I'm going to Betty Crocker a cake tonight, want a piece?
by Seriously this is ridiculous February 4, 2009
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When a male is performing anal sex with a woman and the woman is making him a sammich.
I was hungry and horny, so we did the Betty Crocker
by Patreazy March 31, 2007
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When a girl is wearing waayyyy too much make-up, shit looks caked on.
"Yo that girl is straight Betty Crocker man, looks like she been using deluxe cake mix all over her face"
by Brothason May 17, 2010
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When One Is Caking to the extreme level they are now pronounced Betty Crocker no matter the gender
" Dam Where Is Mike at bro I havent seen him in a minute"

" He always be caked up with his girl 24/7 bro like its even not funny yo"

"Damm Im Call that man Betty Crocker from now on!"
by BASEGOD1 November 9, 2011
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A female ho or slut likes it hard and long.
"Moist, easy, and ready to spread."
With the coin I'm spending, she better be all betty crocker tonight.
by D Ska August 24, 2008
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1. A woman with obsolete ideas on marriage, women in the workplace, and women's rights in general. Frequently believes that a woman's sole place is the kitchen and ignores the past 60 years of female advancement entirely.

2. A woman with so much foundation on her face it looks caked on.
1. My cousin went to school for 6 years, got a master's degree in teaching, then became Betty Crocker saying she wants to be "more domestic."

2. Wow, her makeup is so badly done, she looks like Betty Crocker.
by Elizafox November 19, 2016
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