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(i) A marketing slogan which, rather than being created with skill or wit, simply implies that the product will will change your life for the better, - even if its just a packet of sweets
(ii) A marketing slogan which is just *too* cheesy
The following wankerisms were found using a google search on "marketing slogans".

Clothes to make you happy! (Nomads)
Creating more moments of pleasure. (Cadbury Trebor Bassett)
For a wonderful life. (Harvey Nichols)
Happiness is playing Bingo. (Super Bingo)
Happy starts inside. (Minute Maid)
Heaven can't wait. (Nestle Heaven)
Heaven needn't cost the earth. (Sandals)
Heavenly chocolate with a heart. (Divine)
Magic shoes for happy feet. (Starchild)
Make your body happy. (Aquafina Alive)
Make your break, a Delight. (Mars Delight)
One pound. One pan. One happy family. (Betty Crocker)
Pleasure. Every single Pringles Mini. (Pringles, Mini Pringles)
Pleasure. Perfected. (Braun Tassimo)
by xPaul G April 23, 2007
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to be so dedicated to a schedule of masturbation that you cancel all plans that interfer with it.
"I had to cancel my Sunday doctors appointment because it interfered on my batein' time.

Dude, You totally practice wankerism"

"Dzie practices wankerism bro."
by PeachTree August 31, 2008
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The act of being, and acting like a wanker.
Also included, subtle wankerism. The variety of wankerism where people don't understand that you're being a total wanker and taking the piss out of them, until a little while after the said act of wankerism has been performed.
Oh that guy Kim, he says things all the time that appear to be funny, but afterwards you realise he's just being a wanker. He's a master of wankerism.
by Iamdavidkingoftheworld April 11, 2011
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political bullshit in the workplace..... cowardliness in challenging anyone or thing with power or influence !!
''you can say that at work . we know its corporate wankerism but you'll get into trouble if you speak your mind like that''
by ozwald cobblepot February 18, 2015
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