A football term; when a QB goes back to pass and dances around in the pocket/ will not get the proper set to throw because he is nervous about getting sacked
the mustangs quaterback isnt an accurate passer because he has happy feet
by davedurns August 25, 2005
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a term describing dancing. the dance generally goes along with you moving your feet up and down, it looks much like marching.
to get my baby brother to dance (like a little monkey) for us, we just scream out his greatest dance move, HAPPY FEET
by Starla-chan October 17, 2006
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movements of the foot during masturbation when climaxing
Hey Sarge..look at this guy...he just got him some happy feet i bet
by laslo pitts June 17, 2007
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A penguin who is obviously trippin on some SERIOUS acid and i aint kiddin yall
Guy 1:Duddddee you see happy feet yet?
Guy 2:Oh yeah isnt that the movie where the penguin gets hyped up on some serious acid?
by lukeimyourfather June 10, 2007
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When youre pounding the dough so hard that your feet start wiggling around.
I stalked this girls vsco and got happy feet.
by ethanjakelover October 31, 2019
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A cruel yet funny form of torture in which the victim is tied up nice and tight then mercilessly tickled on the soles of the feet for hours on end.
"Oh no... No, not that... Not that! Not "Happy Feet!!" Not "HAPPY FEET!!" Not "Happy FEE-HEEE-HEEEEET!!!!"
by T.Ractorhead November 26, 2006
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First animated film by Australian director George Miller - kind of a strong mix between Disney's first couple of films, like Bambi and Fantasia, and Martin Rosen's Watership Down. A classic fable with no shortage of mythic and political undertones. With dancing penguins, to boot.

Because of this, when it was initially released, more than a few people including several notable critics dismissed it because it was "too dark and pretentious for a children's film;" right now, it's right in the middle of one of those common critical reevaluations of certain films that come around every so often, and there doesn't seem to be an end to the praise it's getting for, among other things, introducing several new techniques and ideas into CG animated filmmaking that have since been reused by Pixar, and for its sense of filmmaking literacy.
i When I first saw Happy Feet, I thought it was some whack movie about dancing penguins. And, then I saw it again. /i
by Red-Headeded June 4, 2010
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