Wanabe is those people who wants to be popular but aren't. They tend to stick with the popular people.
Dude 1: Do you know Rhea?
Dude 2: Yah! she is such a b*tch! She act like a wanabe and always hang out with the populer people. F*ck her!
Dude 1: ok......, calm your t*ts
by rainbow cookie November 20, 2014
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Wanabe is a rare wannabe
Wanabe appears to lerk the BYOND forums in his quest for pootang.
by Kade Shaw November 08, 2004
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a group of people with great power
woman: is this area safe?
man: no, it's owned by the Wanabe Drunks! RUN!
woman: no, i want to sexualize them.
man: Karen, no!
woman: sorry, but no woman can resist a Wanabe.
by NathanPlus1 September 05, 2019
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noun; Oh-bee Whan-ah-bee

A person who thinks they're full of wisdom and sage advice like an ancient Jedi master, but are in fact, full of shit.
Old fool: Now listen here, youngster...
Me: Dude, you're such an Obi Wanabe. Older doesn't always mean wiser.
by CY-EV September 16, 2010
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A person who is typically white or suburban, who tries to be street/black/mexican by listening to hip/hop, getting a tattoo, acting tough, and avoiding responsibility well into their 30's. They spend their lives acting 'bad' and trying to scare regular citizens but never really cross the line into serving longterm prison terms which is what 'bad' people end up doing. Confirms the idea that how 'bad'someone is depends on who you compare them to, most people have a line they won't cross.
Dave: Stalin was a real Thug.
John: So was Saddam Hussein.
Dave: Jesse James is a Thug Wanabe.
John: Eminem is the biggest Thug Wanabe.
by m1z_w1z_11 September 01, 2005
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This word originated in the 80’s when the urban clothing style (long, tall ski caps, bright colors, baggy style, backwards baseball cap, etc) was made popular by gang members. People who wanted to look cool began to copy this style even though they were not in a gang. These people were given the name ‘wannabes’ for wanting to look like they were in a gang. Now this term is used do describe many people in varies groups who want to look a certain way b/c of its appeal, not because it reflect who they truly are.
gang member 1: hey man look at those guys over there
gang member 2: this ain't their hood
gang member 1: he dresses like it
gang member 2: nah, they are wanabees
by 43081 February 13, 2008
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A wanabee is somehow related to posers , but in this case the wanabee tries to fit "in" were most of the people
he knows are,so by that he tries to impress the other people so that he may be accepted...he some how searches
for info. on what bands, or singers are more talk about.
wanabees-hey what are you listening?
punk-I'm listening broken bones
wana- oh! relly I love those guys
punk- you really like them
wana- of course I've been hearing them since ever ,one of the songs I think is fucking great is WAR IS WAR from the new album.
by J.gabriel April 01, 2006
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