A person named Rhea is usually given to a female. Rhea is very different to others but in a positive way. She has many, many morals and uses them to help herself and others in different situations. Rhea is a giving person and is one who shares, she does not give to recieve. She see's light and hope in eveyone, and can help anyone through their dark times. She is a leader not a follower. A Rhea is a strong headed women who has many ambitions and goals in life, she will struggle in the beginning and work hard to make the future bright, clear and successful for her and her family. Rhea is a family person and loves to be around people but also likes her own company. She is a loveable, warm hearted person who will be loyal to any companion and in any relationship. Lastly she is a loyal, trust worthy, funny friend and is great to be around. Whenever you need Rhea she will always be there, cherish the time you have with a Rhea because she is one in a million.
"That girl Rhea is a charm."
"I love Rhea."
by miss123 August 6, 2014
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Rhea is an amazing person. She might have a wall around her heart to stop you from entering but inside that wall is the most caring person ever. She is protective of her friends and will not hesitate to hurt someone if someone harms her or her friends. Rhea often has a blunt tongue, and is brutally honest at times. Most of the time Rhea is generally quite quiet around people she doesnt really know but if you get to know her you will see her confident leader crazy side. She will sometimes get angry to the point where she has a fire burning in her eyes. She will try and hold or her emotions in like a damn but in the end it will crumble down along with the wall around her heart and she will just break. She will take time to rebuild that wall and return to her old self. Rhea is emotionally fragile but doesnt like to think she is. If she breaks the best thing to do is just listen because thats all she wants you to do. If Rhea is sometimes to quiet be soft with her and dont exclude her as it will just lead to her feeling unwanted. Rhea needs a get away in life, because she wants to please everyone. She just needs a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes Rhea is Suicidal but keeps a happy smile on her face, she wont do anything for the pure need to not look wierd in others eyes. No matter what, no matter how long she wants to deny it, she cares what you think. She just needs a shoulder to cry on. Rhea is an amazing independant woman. Respect her. Cherish her.
" Rhea just helped me finish my project, i wouldnt have been able to do it without her"
by ThatDeepThinker February 1, 2019
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The girl, one man should always hold on to and never let go of. She is a goodluck charm, never let go of her. She is the one girl that everyman wants to hold in there arms. However, there is only one man in the world that deserves to have this beauty. She must be treated like an angel, she must be looked upon as a princess, she truly is a gift. She holds a great value, importance, and worth in the world. Whoever has her in his hands is one lucky man! She is the best girl any man can wish for, no one is better than her! She can make anyone smile and laugh. She has the cutest smile in the world! It is so fun to talk to her and look at her pretty cute beautiful angel face that looks like a goddess. She will take your breath away! Oh and also she is the sexiest woman on planet earth! Please please whoever has her, treat her right, she is a special one, it doesn't and will never get better than her. She has an INCREDIBLE body! ;) Her beautiful eyes make it easy for one to fall into. Her luscious lips are so tempting! She is so gorgeous! OMG she makes you so happy that you will cry out of happiness. She will make your life, she will complete you. But there is only one lucky guy who get to hold her in his arms forever. She is special who ever you are, make sure you treat her like an angel from up above, she truly is a gift from God.
Rhea is like omg the funniest person to be around, life is a wonderful adventure, fantasy land, dream with her! You wont regret meeting this girl.
by KOALA!! February 2, 2017
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If you ever meet someone called Rhea, treasure your friendship with her. They are always incredible people to hang out with, you can always have an amazing time with a Rhea. The best quality about a Rhea is that they will always be there for you no matter what and you know they will be by your side! Funny and outgoing too. If you ever meet someone Rhea, consider yourself lucky.
"Hey, I'm Rhea"

":D :D :D"
by rparwani1535 March 8, 2013
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Rhea is a kind hot , good looking girl who everyone would want to go out with love you rhea. Rhea has a hot body/ face/lips and is caring. In the future the will be a husband called Matthew and you and him will have kids .your god mother name starts with an a . love rhea.

if you all love some one called rhea leave a like pls thx
Matthew said"Rhea is hotter then the world"
by Unknow future March 23, 2019
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Rhea is the cutest person in the entire world. If you ever meet a Rhea you should be grateful because she is perfect in every way. She is soooo nice and soooo sweet. She makes a great girlfriend. A Rhea pairs great with a cooper. If you ever have an opportunity to date a Rhea, go for it because it’s the best opportunity ever!! Rhea is sooo swaggy and has all the clout in the world. She is such a commercial gal! She is just the best person in the entire universe. If you are friends with a Rhea or if a Rhea likes you, you are the luckiest person alive.....she also loves blobfish
Person one: did you see Rhea today?

Person two: yea she’s so perfect!

Person one: I wish I was her!
by Hannah bananah June 20, 2019
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The most amazing girl in the world. One who you long to hold in your arms.
by dragonballz October 22, 2009
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