The act of shoving a jewish, circumsized penis into the foreskin of a black, uncircumsized penis.
Carl Bernstein: Hey, do you wana walt?
Devante: Sorry man but my dick been circumsized.
Carl: Shit!
by I H8 JTs November 5, 2010
Walt’s is an absolute asshole who is just an honest asshole. The only thing that is not asshole about him is that he believes he is an asshole. Walt is an asshole and a asshole filled with asshole and mixed with more asshole

by Porgus August 29, 2019
Childish, prone to burst of annoying babbling.
Stop acting waltish! I swear if you don't shut up and stop thrusting my chair I'm going to whoop your ass.
by Bad Bad Leroy Brown March 1, 2005
To schedule and cancel a date at least 5 times.
I know we have been trying to go out for like 2 months, but I am going to have to pull a Walt. I have to be in a wedding tomorrow I didn't know about...didn't realize the baseball game was in the afternoon and have to work...etc
by ms_b_mixon June 12, 2010
When you’re really gettin down with some good gay butt sex but your dick is so small you can’t get past the cheeks, causing you to have to create a jizzy waterfall in the other dudes crack
The way Logan is braaaaaaaping and the sun glistens off his D.I.LF. bod he’s tryin to get Walt McHan’d
by Chad Savage March 28, 2022
A look of extreme disappointment, disgust, and concern. Frequently acted out by Walter White on the show Breaking Bad
When walter's partner Jessie brings Funions as the only source of food for a 3 day cooking spree, Walter "Walt Faces" as the sight of them.
by ksjerry December 2, 2011
Also known as “King Walt’s”, “our boi Steve”, “God” “daddy Steve”, and “Steve” He is the snazziest fellow around and blesses the children of Prince William County with snow days and glorious hymns. His hit single “Code Red” is the only reason Prince William County students have to live.
Us: “Wow daddy Steve is our god
Teachers: “It’s Steve Walts to you!”
by BullshitTea May 16, 2019