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acting like your big, not giving a shit about anything.
Yea im walking tall fool. get the fuck outta my way before i fuck u up.
by J 0 K A February 25, 2006
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A sexual term used when describing getting a blowjob, while eating pussy, standing upright. The act itself must be done very delicately. Obviously a degree of strength is needed in order to hold a female upside down while standing, and eat her pussy while she blows you up.
"My roommate came home last night and barged into my room, he had the luxury of seeing me and my girlfriend walking tall."
by SlegDangerous June 03, 2007
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When a man has a sizable erection, he continues to display it proudly for all the ladies to see.
Tim: Hey did you make out with that one chick?
Blake: Yeah dude she had me Walking Tall all night!
Tim: Yeah dude she's hot!
Blake: You're telling me...
by Blehck May 30, 2011
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when someone walks around not doing shit with there head up high and there chest popped out and takeing big steps they also think they are the shit.
fuck all these people in this city are walking tall the time
by MATT THE MEXICAN July 28, 2009
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