Used by black/coloured people who show pride for their own race, even having suffered for most part of history as slaves and the inferior race having been displaced by a previously self-proclaimed 'superior' race. The term is used mostly as a reassuring term used by a coloured person to show to himself that it is possible for him to suceed as in comparison to "anglo-saxon" people, GENERALLY, most coloured people are even in modern day times (NB: there are also coloured people in africa, pacific, etc - believe it or not) not as sucessful as other people.

The definition for this term is rather selfexplanatory, but it can be said by many of us unbiased and equal minded views that the entry was created mostly as a source of discriminiation against black people. It must be noted that is not only an American website (neither that black people only live in USA) and that where I come from there is no such discrimination against saying "white pride".
White friend: nice work you pulled back there
Black person: man, thats ok, all i had to do was work myself up to some black pride.
by hotnspicycurry February 07, 2006
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a mindset spawned by society due to modern civilizations fixation on the hatred of people of color. as we continue to emerge from the mentality of the dark ages and into enlightenment, hatred continues to diminish, togetherness profounds itself, and the need for race based esteem issues fly away, as we will all be of one color and community.
black pride is pretty cool, as long as you don't hate anyone privately or publicly.
by anonymous March 08, 2005
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Black Pride in America is for African Americans to show their pride as a ethnic group and culturally. MAny White teens have a problem with this because they can't say White pride despite the fact that they know their ethnic background and are very hyprocrytical and I'm starting to think oblivious of the fact htat most blacks in America had lost their African heritage and connection with many countries on the continent of Africa.
While Whites can still say they have itallian or they are Irish or they are English or they are German. YEt blacks in America had to reinvent a new culture for themselves and this culture iscalled Black culture thus Black pride. '

But nevermind that because its "racist" because a white person said so. Though this same white person has a problem with HBCU's and NAACP and will use the words nigger or monkey to describe what the group advocates despite the fact that Whites run the country anre aren't disadvantaged at all. But nevermind that. I fanything most of the people who said the term is racist should really shutup and look and see how big of hypocrites they are.
Black Pride!!! .. Because I'm black and I'm beautiful
by lordblazer March 19, 2006
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A term often used to denote or justify black racial identity, or even occasionally superiority. Generally only used in context to racialized or politicized groups or individuals, rarely if ever seen in public consumption seriously, occasionally otherwise used as a satirical joke.

Sometimes related to black power, often of which is a more extreme version of black pride.

Often justified by contrasting white pride or black and white inferiority complexes, of which many white inferiority complexes claimed to be related to 18th and 19th century American Chattel Slavery and the aftermaths of Jim Crow law discrimination in the southern US states. (it is uncommon for anyone to relate such concepts outside of American Institutions, even if referenced, but it is not impossible to be seen, the next most common reference is the Apartheid period in South Africa)
The protest paraded down the street chanting black pride as their leader pumped up a crowd for racial justice and reparations.
by Megacake1234 March 19, 2021
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