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Evidence of the racist double standard in the United States, where black people are allowed to proclaim "Black Pride," and yet white people are not, for they are slammed as just another KKK member for saying "white pride."

Why is pride for your own race *not* racist because you are black, is we are trying to preach equality?
"Black Pride"

Yeah, White Pride!

Whoa! No, that's racist crackkker!

Why can you shout black pride, but I can't shout white pride? Why do you have a racist advantage!?
by jacksonville July 12, 2004
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Being proud of your race instead of just accepting it as a part of you and moving on with your life.

Just as dumb as white pride or any racial pride what so ever.

Why have pride in your race? It's not an accomplishment, you were just delt your skin colour in a genetical game of poker. Sure you can be proud to be a part of the accomplishments of your race, but has any invention, idea, work of art, etc. gone to benifit just one race? So how can just that race be proud to be a part of it when other races are affected by it?

And for that matter, how does being the same race as somebody link you to that person?

If a Hatian dude born in America can be proud of the Hatian slave revolts, does that mean some white dude can be proud that another white dude invented the telephone?

Do all black people get to be a part of the invention of peanut butter?

Do all Chinese people get to be proud of the discovery of gun powder?

Do i have a point to my rambaling?

No, no i do not ...
Spike Lee has black pride. Dave Chapelle has black pride. Nothing wrong with it, really, just ... pointless.
by 2tone army October 28, 2004
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Black people can say "nigger" but no one else can.

Black people can also say "black power" but if someone says "white power" they are a racist.
And I'M the racist one? HAH!
by Elitist January 04, 2004
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A CULTURAL (not racial) celebration, which is the equivalent to Irish pride or German pride. This is because blacks in the United States are a Monolithic group with the same heritage, as none identify with any nation in Africa. Contrary to the belief of conservative and/or just idiotic whites, this is not racism since it refers to an ethnic group as opposed to a skin color.
Tyrone: "Black pride!!"
Chad: "Hey, when I say white pride that makes me a racist, fuck you Nigger!!"
Tyrone: "You freaking moron, you know youre Irish all I know is that I'm black and from somewhere in Africa that I can no longer culturally identify with. Now wipe the blood off your lip and stop crying, I didnt even hit you that hard!"
by commonfuckingsense June 22, 2005
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Used by black/coloured people who show pride for their own race, even having suffered for most part of history as slaves and the inferior race having been displaced by a previously self-proclaimed 'superior' race. The term is used mostly as a reassuring term used by a coloured person to show to himself that it is possible for him to suceed as in comparison to "anglo-saxon" people, GENERALLY, most coloured people are even in modern day times (NB: there are also coloured people in africa, pacific, etc - believe it or not) not as sucessful as other people.

The definition for this term is rather selfexplanatory, but it can be said by many of us unbiased and equal minded views that the entry was created mostly as a source of discriminiation against black people. It must be noted that is not only an American website (neither that black people only live in USA) and that where I come from there is no such discrimination against saying "white pride".
White friend: nice work you pulled back there
Black person: man, thats ok, all i had to do was work myself up to some black pride.
by hotnspicycurry February 07, 2006
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I love being black - Black person
I love being white - White person
FUCK YOU RACIST - Black person
by sox December 21, 2004
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a mindset spawned by society due to modern civilizations fixation on the hatred of people of color. as we continue to emerge from the mentality of the dark ages and into enlightenment, hatred continues to diminish, togetherness profounds itself, and the need for race based esteem issues fly away, as we will all be of one color and community.
black pride is pretty cool, as long as you don't hate anyone privately or publicly.
by anonymous March 08, 2005
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