when a girl walks differently than most cause she has a big butt,and big hip,and or big thighs
she can walk that walk
by ashley lynn howard June 29, 2009
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Walk the Walk means to show others about something by your own footsteps, your own example of the way to do it. You yourself are walking the way for them to follow by your own life.
She told them at the meeting "You need to Walk the Walk
yourselves for them to understand! By your own example is how they will learn what it means to be a Christian.
by myra jane nelson January 17, 2010
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What Haley does after Katelyn and Jimmie do the djurgh thing.
Katelyn: Hey Jimmie. *DJURGH*
Jimmie: Haha!! *DJURGH*
Katelyn and Jimmie: *DJURGH*
Haley: does walking away walk
by Is This Necessary? August 23, 2008
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Pretty self explanatory. A sexual manuever between a guy and a girl. One of the partners performs a crab walk, while the other parter performs a bear walk, they bone in these positions. This makes sex both fun and mobile. A company is designing a harness for this manuever so that it will be easier and less physically strenuous to perform.
"I totally pulled the C-dub B-dub on that girl last night, it was awesome." (the common slang for crab walk bear walk is C-dub B-dub)
by Mr. Vice President June 01, 2006
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If you can't keep your, put your money where you mouth is.
Hilary Clinton the phrase talk the talk and walk the walk applies especially to you.
by sexydimma February 04, 2016
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The corner you are at when you are drunk and want a ride from a friend
Person 1: Dude come pick me up im sooo wasted!
Person 2: Where are you at?
Person 1: I'm where Walk and Don't Walk meet
by nbj777 January 02, 2009
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