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DDPT: Double "D" Pancake Titties.

Breasts that are, of course, of outrageous size, but also have a gigantic areola, usually the size of a pancake.

They are normally considered to be completely disgusting, however recent research has shown in some cultures, DDPT's are considered as amazingly attractive.
So I slept with a girl last night, and she had some certified DDPT's, I almost puked when I saw them.
by Mr. Vice President October 10, 2007
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A glorious football play popularized in the movie "Little Giants." Its is pretty much a center sneak. The QB hikes the ball, and pretends to run the play while the center, who actually has the ball, runs toward the end zone. This play won the game for the Little Giants in their final game against the Cowboys. Will go down in fottball history and lore.
Kid 1: "What are we gonna do, we can't beat the Cowboys!"
Kid 2: "We are gonna run the Annexation of Puerto Rico and win the game"
by Mr. Vice President January 3, 2006
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Pretty self explanatory. A sexual manuever between a guy and a girl. One of the partners performs a crab walk, while the other parter performs a bear walk, they bone in these positions. This makes sex both fun and mobile. A company is designing a harness for this manuever so that it will be easier and less physically strenuous to perform.
"I totally pulled the C-dub B-dub on that girl last night, it was awesome." (the common slang for crab walk bear walk is C-dub B-dub)
by Mr. Vice President June 1, 2006
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Droopy, saggy breasts that resemble a weasle.

Often times they are seen on "hippy" or "alternative" women that do not wear a bra in a rediculous attempt to end sexism. The lack of support results in drooping tits, and thus, weasel tits.
Dude, that crazy hippy girl has some serious weasel tits, those things are down to her stomach.
by Mr. Vice President October 10, 2007
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The delicate and delightful art of taking a shit and getting directly into the shower. This promotes the the maximum level of cleanliness and increases the enjoyment of taking shits exponentially.

The term derives from the fact that Persians have extremely hair ass-holes and it is well known that simply wiping after a shit will in no way clean the ass-hole to a reasonable level. Therefore they are forced to shower after their shits to ensure cleanliness.
Dude, just did a Persian, it was fucking orgasmic.
by Mr. Vice President July 7, 2011
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