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To become wagnerized, one must be male, and have no money, but always buying things one can't afford anyway. Usually racking up huge amounts of debts, and borrowing money from other people. This person also usually goes through jobs fast, being fired for being either constantly late or gross incompetence. You cannot pay people back for long periods of time, and when you do write a check, it will either bounce or be returned to them. If you go out, your card will be declined often. In any of these social situations, you will make up fantastic stories about why you are broke, or your credit card does not work. They are always obviously false, but the wagnerized one ALWAYS sticks to his story, no matter what!

Secondly, one must develop unhealthy obsessions with various females, and to constantly talk about the current obsession to everyone he knows. In actuality, there is no relationship whatsoever to the victim, she is merely an attractive young girl who is unfortunately being stalked. Usually, when the girl is made aware, she never interacts with the wagnerized individual again, even though he swears up and down that she was a "bitch" or something else that is actually false. It is always the wagnerized ones fault, regardless of what he says.

Also, if you are wagnerized, you will constantly speak poorly of people, but only when they are not around, for in actuality, you are very very afraid of confrontations, and would never say anything disparaging to someones face. You also must deny any wrongdoing should several people get together and realize the behind the back talking that has occurred.
Kid 1: "You ever gonna pay me back or what?"

Kid 2: "What, you think I've been wagnerized or something"


Girl: "This guy at the bar has to be wagnerized, he's always here trying to talk to me, and saying how we're friends"
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