this is a school in alberta, Canada. In my opinion, this place is the closest you’ll get to hell, if ur not already on ur way there currently. if you know me, no you don’t. This school is filled with sh*t talkers and hoes lol. All the guys on the football team carry around their ego like it’s a medal. All the girls gather in one bathroom to vape. pretty dumb eh? why not just go outside?
“have you ever heard of hhs vv ?”

yeah bro, that place is sketchy af!”
by hippie gurlllll September 10, 2022
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Referring to the gang mostly found/heard in New York
Wuddup V, word to my V’s, Bug VVS
by VVS~JB March 17, 2023
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vv is daft
vv is mega daft
VV IS DAFT NIG means that vv is daft
by NonDaftBoy141 October 3, 2020
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lesley: have u seen that bitch named annie ??
fran sis: yeah, HEARD she has VV
by middlechild July 13, 2019
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VV Is an abbreviation of the phrase very very
Girl One: She is vv pretty :0
Girl two: I know right? i’m so jealous :/
by dumb bitch lesbian December 20, 2020
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The lazy way to write very very and is commonly mistaken for the pubg gun the vvs
"Oh I like that vv much"Britanny said Jonh replied,"I like tge VVS too
by You friendly neighborhood porn October 17, 2018
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It is when you’re eating a girl and her private parts
I was teaching class and little Amy walked up to my desk and said can I get a vv lick please
by I’ve July 25, 2020
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