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An utterance of disgust, usually after an idiotic, inappropriate, or otherwise uncalled for comment.
" was your own fault"


"'re just too ugly"
"ha! vood"
by Brent Winship April 14, 2004
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A particularly selfish individual who is constantly napping or sitting down watching sports center
"Hey Ryan, do you know that kid Greg?"
"Ya, he's a voods"
by Stephen "Mac-G" Mcgregor February 22, 2008
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(adjective or adverb) (English): Combination of the words "very" and "good."

Pronounced like "good," but with a "v" ("vuh") sound.
Mike: Dude, Jason's party last night, did you go?
Jim: Fuck no. He's a loser. I bet it was terrible.

Mike: Actually, it was vood. Smoked pot, drank smooth-tasting vodka. Really! It was vood times two!
Jim: Fuck, I missed out.
Mike: Hell yeah you did.
Jim: Well, did Jason play music vood?
Mike: Fuck yeah. He was a tight DJ.
Jim: Shit!
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