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The passageway behind/underneath the seats in an amphitheater, which allow patrons to enter and exit quickly and efficiently. So called because the people coming out of the openings looked as though they were being vomited out.
I'm heading out to the vomitorium to go to the bathroom and get a new beer before the next inning.
by Scarlettb November 10, 2011
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(noun, from Latin's vomitus, Roman) a passageway to an ampitheatre, not to be confused with a room used to vomit in (note: the Romans were not bullimic, although they did throw up in between courses, a bullimic purges and such for mental distress associating weight)
We entered the vomitorium to our seats around the tier.
by Anna Rustikov December 23, 2006
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A room, usually only in a well-to-do Ancient Roman house, where one went to vomit between courses. In Ancient Rome it was fashionable to eat gluttonous amounts of food. The ultimate expression of this, usually by the upper crust, was to eat a meal so huge that one could not physically finish it unless one took breaks to vomit.

The vomitorium was the product of the accepted practice of bulemia.
Ancient Roman: I can't eat another bite. Excuse me while I visit the vomitorium. (Enter's vomitorium and pukes guts out) Ahhhh, much better. I'm ready for the second course!
by David Jedziniak September 12, 2006
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The part of a resturant in ancient rome where each course of the meal would be vomit up imbetween the next course.
My Caligula, the vomitorium is quite full today, itsn't it?
by Alan B. Hutscar December 12, 2003
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A room or othert area set aside in which to vomit at an orgy or party to get rid of all the food you have eated so you can go back for more. Said to have existed in ancient Rome and revived for today's,orgies,parties and raves ect.
John a be back for more. He's in the vomitorium.
by deep blue 2012 August 13, 2010
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