Rich white people, old money of the highest echelon. Typically from the Northeast specifically NYC/Southern New England Region.
Although Tadd was aware the "self-proclaimed" socialites at the party, he knew they were not part of the true upper crust of the who-who's of society.
by worxofgod May 16, 2006
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punk rocker crusty with money. dresses in designer denim jackets (or vests) with a wide array of band backpatches sewn on (i.e. Disfear, World Burns To Death and Wolfbrigade). dreadlocks are usually worn ass-length and kept very clean. shorter hair is hidden by hats. when asked to share the wealth, a common reply would be "im broke, dude".
upper crust: "i just got back from touring with r.a.m.b.o. in thailand and now im leasing a car to get down to chaos in tejas."
normal crust: "spare some change?"
upper crush "sorry dude, im broke"
by Snack Control April 19, 2008
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1. The crusty, often hard-to-reach mucous found just behind the cartilage of the wealthy elite.

2. One who holds his or her nose high above everyone else in such great disdain, allowing septal mucosa to solidify in such a way.

3. A member of the Wealthy Elite (often of "old money") who treats others as though they were mere peasants born into (and destined to remain in) servitude.
Jill, though a modest girl, always knew she was destined for greater things. Though, she was always reluctant to accept any promotion that might benefit her in such a was to classify her as over-privileged, or upper-crust. The mere thought of it left the bitterest taste in her mouth.
by TSVandenberg June 05, 2011
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To make an everyday occasion, activity or object a bit more special by using your smarts and skill, rather than just being all rich and throwing money at it.
Frankie: “Hey, how’s your new pool?”

Leon: “Check it out, I spent the afternoon Upper Crusting it with a floating cocktail bar made from Ikea shelves, a pool noodle, and some common household string.”

Frankie: “Cannonball!”
by UpperCruster November 05, 2013
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A mocking, often derogatory name given to those of high economic or social standing. Often referring to those who are greedy and perpetuate their greed with powerful connections.
"Those gold nosed upper crust billionaires screwed us over!"
"These gold nosed upper crusts have kept us down for too long!"
by Dyne Willow Work February 02, 2021
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The upper crust is the crust that is formed around the woman's vagina
He was eating her out, then he saw her upper crust
by send noodles January 25, 2017
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A phrase referring to those in high society, often the rich and or government officials.
"Damn those greedy upper crusts!"
"Time to show those upper crusts who's boss!"
by Dyne Willow Work February 02, 2021
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