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A delicious minty biscuit available in the UK. Fondly remembered for its hilarious TV adverts from years ago where actors with dodgy Russian accents played aristocrats bewailing their lack of them.
I vant.....I vant.....A Viscount.
by Brigante June 11, 2005
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Haughty and snobbish, the well dressed Viscount looms above mere mortals who supp and dine, and disdains desserts and after-dinner drinks because society calls. Word of his presence in the neighborhood is reason alone to leave directly after dinner, and to get on with the business at hand.
The party cancelled their order for coffee and cake and called for hats and coats, once rumor became fact and it was confirmed that the Viscount was on the prowl.
by chasethedoor October 31, 2011
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An ancient evil that changes form every so often. A master at manipulating others, creating discord, and spreading lies and deceit.
....and Viscount told his apprentice.... "You will soon become even greater than all your superiors combined".
by Vis May 26, 2005
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