1 A stack of quarters inside a paper or thin cardboard sleave, such as used in a bank or cash rejister to hold a number of quarters for change.
2. The above, used as a weapon in the same fasion as brass nuckels. The roll of quarters is helled in your fist to make your nuckels even and your first harder.
1. A robber held up the gass station for half an hour only to find all that was in the cash rejister was a roll of quarters.
2. A man's shoulder was dislocated in a bar fight when his oponant hit him with a roll of quarters in his fist.
by Alz April 26, 2004
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discreet for picking up chicks. rationale: one method to start a conversation is to drop some change and have it roll over to someone whom you then approach, thank, and chat up.

also applies to whatever genders one wishes
guy A: hey bro, what're you doing hanging out here at the mall?
guy B: just rolling quarters, you know.

A: *sigh*, i wish i could meet some women
B: man, you just gotta get out there and roll some quarters!
by H daddy February 1, 2009
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