A person whom has not been involved in sexual intercourse, either oral, vaginal or anal. Can be male or female.
I've never had sex, thus I'm a virgin.
by Proud to be a Christian June 14, 2005
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The one who's not getting any action.

One who has not had sex. The definition of sex is highly disputed, as many people believe that one can perform different levels of near-sexual activity (i.e.: oral\cyber\phone sex) and still be a virgin.
Earth Science Teacher: Now class, the moon goes around the earth and doesn't spin. It's not getting any action. The earth goes around the sun and spins. What's the one that's not getting any action?
Class of high-schoolers: A virgin!
Greg: Dude, has you slept with your girlfriend yet?
Graham: She says she wants to stay a virgin until she's married.
Greg: Sucks to be you
Graham's Girlfriend: Have fun with your STDs, Greg!
by Enelya_Linde April 23, 2006
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Becoming extremely rare, even among young/fat/ugly girls.
you: I heard she was a virgin
me: You're a gullible idiot
by gfar August 04, 2005
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1. someone who hasn't engaged in sexual activity, for either religious purposes or just because they haven't been done yet.

2. a person who has only seen the movie, Rocky Horror Picture Show on the telly and never live on stage in a theater. they're especially called that if they say their huge fans when they've never dressed up for it and seen a show a day in their life.
tim: oi, mike! did anthony finally shag his girlfriend?
mike: ha, no, he's still a bloody virgin...

pam: it's annoying how my little sister blithers on about Rocky Horror all the time to her friends; they don't even know what she's talking about...damn virgins...it's only 'cos my mum won't let her see the show with me.
by hardworker October 03, 2006
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Term used to describe someone who hasn't had sex, sometimes somebody who hasn't had a penis all the way in their vagina will continue to call themselves a virgin regardless of what other things they've done
Laurie says shes a virgin even though she's sucked off hundreds of guys and done anal almost as many times because she hasn't actually had a penis in her vagina
by TheWalrus September 19, 2007
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Someone who has become overcome by morals and is awaiting the right moment with the right person to engage in a spiritual journey expressing true love. (aka sex) As for the other virgins... well. People just decided they SHOULD have morals.
virgin #1: "i'm not having sex until i'm married I want it to be with someone I really love"
virgin #2: "err... yeah, thats what I'm doing too."
by kristyyy August 15, 2006
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Someone who has not had sex yet. Which, by the way, is not a bad thing. It's embarassing at first, when you tell your friends but it makes you feel really good about yourself. Later on in your life, you will find someone who you'll appreciate & love and will respect the fact that you are a virgin. There are so many scandolous girls, so being a virgin makes you special. Especially if you're really pretty. You're pretty much innocent :)

Your virginity is delicate & precious! Don't just give it out.
BOY: Have you ever had sex yet?
GIRL: No, I'm still a virgin.
BOY: ...WOW! That's crazy
GIRL: I know. I'm waiting for the right person & the right time.
by missNESSA ♥ July 19, 2009
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