A person that has not been penatreated in the Vaginal area. I belive you can have oral and anal sex and still be considered a Virgin. Without penaration of the vagina you can still a VIRGIN!!!!!!
A person who has experienced Oral and Anal Sex is still a virgin!!!!
by VA_Queene August 29, 2006
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The only thing virgitarians are allowed to eat.
Stephen: God, I'm so hungry. Why did I have to choose to be a virgitarian?

Kathrina: You can eat me, I'm a virgin!

Stephen: Yeah, you're gonna be a virgin when you're 850...
by Stephen Church June 22, 2006
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a virgin is a person that has not experianced sexual relations some choose to stay as one for there religion or untill they find someone they "love" others just cant get laid
anyone- "mike are u still a virgin"
anyone-"loser(unless it is against his religion)"
by thewhiteblackkid August 22, 2008
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Males:Anyone under the age of 14 who has not yet had sex, after that age they are no longer known as virgins and earn the title of loser.
Females: A girl who has not yet had sex. These species of wimen begin to rapidly die out after the age of 16. If you are lucky enough to find one above that age who doesnt look like a horse MARRY HER. (Usually VERY tight)
"Dude i hooked up wit this chick last night, n i find out shes a virgin it took me 30 minutes just to get 2 fingers in her!"
by Justin Christie May 31, 2005
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A city in Utah mentioned in Bowling for Columbine because of an ordinace passed requiring all citizens to own a gun.
Felon One: I'm robbing a bank, wanna help?
Felon Two: Where?
Felon One: Virgin, Utah.
Felon Two: Shit I ain't helpin' they's a bunch of inbred rednecks with guns. It's a suicide mission you're on yo' own.
by LC Vince GT July 31, 2006
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