smart, intelligent, rich, nice, generous, loving, easy going, gullible. needs to exercise, however, as a teen, he looked very sexy & cute. very smart! hawt name!
"vinh, you are soo lucky"
by yahoo name: email girl November 24, 2009
Hawt, Sexy, and Fine. All in one package.
DAMN!!!!!!! It's Vinh... no nigga could've look that good...
by Vu Dinh November 13, 2007
some kids would say this, means cool
Ayo, you look kinda vinh
by zeruhs December 9, 2020
a sweet guy, likes to cuddle with anyone,. sexy, outgoing,m rich, handsome, needs some ladies tho
Ayo! Jamal you kinda act like a vinh
by zeruhs December 9, 2020
A boy who's smart, funny, kind but doesn't put up with bs. Vinh is cute but denies it EVERY SINGLE TIME. He would listen to all of your problems and let you vent, even though it was hurting him.
Me: You're cute
Vinh: wdym wdym
by elimarie:> July 10, 2019
The annoying guy that plays roblox and tries to be cool by saying sup
by ilovebubblegum March 3, 2018
(1) adj - situation whereupon a male is undeniably at the mercy of his high-maintinence girlfriend & answers to her every beck and call, usually followed by the reprioritizing of girlfriend over friends, family, school, food, water, and air.
Vinh *Wears a muscle shirt*
Helen: Baby, stop doing that, another girl will see! Put on a jacket to cover it up!
Vinh: Yes, ma'am.
by ...?... February 17, 2005