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Viceli is a tought bitch but she is also a snack she will hold you down no matter what and will be a loyal friend and takes shit from nobody whether it’s about her, her family, or her friends she will rock with you but if you a fake she gone cut you off real quick she smart, beautiful, and caring you would be lucky enough to have her in your life and if you do be grateful because as soon as she walks out you gone regret it
Guy 1 : Damn I got me a fine side chick, you want one I could hook you up
Guy 2: Nah i’m good bro why would I need to cheat when I already got someone who makes me feel special besides I’m afraid of losing what I got and if you did to you would appreciate what you have before it turns into what you had I know I appreciate my baby girl viceli
by bsfgoturback February 23, 2019
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