Someone that has played a game of over a year and has mastered the game.
He's a vet man.....he's been one of the best forever!
by Zack Wilson June 04, 2004
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cocky nerd
1. n. An annoying person who fills countless hours of their empty life hanging out at gaming websites, typing stupid, cocky things on message boards and chat rooms, and often claiming to have been at the website since its creation.
2. n. A gaming nerd who masters an online game, and insults any weaker (or not weaker) players calling them "noob" and sometims even "n00b" to pathetically make themselves feel as big as the jocks who beat them up every day.
Yeah I've pretty much had this game since it came out, and i haven't been able to find any one as good as me -- i'm pretty much a vet of this game.
by Hadley July 08, 2004
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Old desperate chick; usually in her 40's; A Vet is the stage before becoming a POW, which is the same definition but in her 50's.
She doesn't have a bad body for a vet.
by Wartime Consigliere January 24, 2010
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Mom : Oh, honey, you have a cold!
Kid : Does that mean that your going to take me to the vet?!?!
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A Vaporwave Veteran. Some who has a lot of experience with vaporwave, but mostly related to people who have made vaporwave songs and albums.
My best friend is such a vet, his computer is full of so many songs.
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by DuTcH DoG December 25, 2017
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