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A type of multi-frame image in which a lackluster or overused meme is replicated with poorer graphical fidelity but increased verbosity successive times to the point where it is difficult to understand the meme without the original context. Also called 'meme corruption' or 'progressively verbose meme'.
Captions of an increasingly verbose meme:

Frame 1: It's high noon

Frame 2: The time is 12pm.

Frame 3: The grandfather clock currently displays a reading of twelve o'clock post meridian.

Frame 4: It has become increasingly apparent to me that due to the rotation of Earth relative to the Sun, the current "time" as defined by Ancient Egyptians via the decan system is denoted by the numerical value "twelve" of the clock, signalling that the Sun is at the highest point in the sky.
by Jianhuren December 27, 2016
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a beliveable yet untrue statement from a speaker, that is drunk with the excitement of their supposed ability to use big words.

an expression used to insult someone to their face about how they like to use big words because they think they are smart. thus using irony to get the sarcastic point across.

Smartass: I think you losers are Munificent abhorritions of society as we know it

Insulter: You are a Sophistical rhetorician inebriated by the exhuberance of his own verbosity!!!

Smartass: HUH?
by Tomcat07 January 10, 2006
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When you add words to a sentence to extend it.
1. Welcome to the hotel!
2. I would like to welcome you to a temporary residence.
3. I, the human who stands in this position right here would like to welcome you. In doing so, i am allowing you to stay in this residence under a specified payment plan. At some point of your residence you have to exit because this is only a temporary stay.

And that is what verbose is.
by Ipod 2.gen January 5, 2022
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Boringly talkative about da Wave Radio and/or other higher-end home-audio equipment.
Paul Harvey was so ravingly verbose® about da Wave radio during a number of his broadcasts years ago dat I finally took da plunge and asked a WalMart salesperson to demonstrate said supposedly-wondrous device to me. I was bitterly disappointed; I really couldn't perceive anything particularly remarkable about da unit's sound-quality or spacial effect.
by QuacksO August 24, 2022
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