A highly condescending manner to end a sentence, that essentially means: "You just got told, fuckhead."
Liz: *Listening to Justin Bieber*

Liz’s mom: Turn the fucking noise down!!! Why don’t you show gratefulness? After all, I gave birth to you; I tore my V to my A, because of you, I might add.

Dean: You just went 0-37 in Call of Duty…

Grant: So…?

Dean: I could get more kills than you, if I banged my dick on the controller I might add.

Jeff: Buy me lunch; I got you laid last week.

Stu: Go fuck yourself; she gave me an STD, genital warts I might add…
by Kittyburner506 July 7, 2010
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When you want to fuck a girl badly, and you let her know she'd look good naked.
M: Hey, want to go to the beach tomorrow?
F: Sure. I can't wait.
M: That's awesome. And might I add, you'd look good in pinstripes.
by DarkClent31 May 17, 2018
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