Venetian is to Venice what American is to America. Venice is a

city of style and swag, so something that is so Venetian is so

stylish and so #swag.
"Check out that dude's outfit!"
"It is so Venetian!"
by BingBingFanFan February 9, 2018
The act of coyly stuffing narcotics up your rectum, when attempting to cross the boarder.
mate,.....mate have you performed the Venetian yet?

how did you get all 6kgs of narcotics across the boarder?....i performed the venetian of course
by Captain Clunge May 7, 2009
Too red to be a real blonde. Too blonde to be red-haired. Almost auburn but blonder. Almost golden, but redder.
They loved her distinctive hair shade, Venetian blonde, midway between blonde and auburn.
by fashion-pansy October 31, 2013
1. Frankly incredible mash up of noise, jungle, shouting, breaks, unidentified breaking objects and Stevie Wonder on ketamine driving at 400mph down the M1 projectile vomiting to the sound of his own music played at 10 times the normal speed. Venetian Snares has managed to capture the essence of some of the world's most violent massacres and translate them into a whole funk collector's collection worth of number one break core hits! Absolutely imperative listening.

2. Simply put, the greatest electronic music artist ever, comparable to
Jesus Christ in skill, although in unrelated fields of work.

3. a.k.a. Aaron Funk
by anonymous May 4, 2004
When you stand fully erect 15 feet from your bitch spread eagle and sprint full speed towards her hoping for full penetration.
I told that bitch to spread'em. The Venetian spearman is about to slay that puss.
by imhayes86 January 29, 2017
A sexual move in which, as the man is getting a boner, the woman gives him a blowjob, trying to get him to cum before his erection is in full bloom.
Barry gave me the best Venetian Sunrise ever on Friday, it was insane.
by Urban Dictionary March 25, 2008
when, after giving a blow job, one spits the semen back into the guy's face
Kayla: "Guess what Kelly did last night?"
Ashley: "What?"
Kayla: "She totally gave Ben a venetian fountain."
Ashley: "That shit is nasty! I hope he closed his eyes in time."
by CB1703 March 3, 2009