Last night , I thought shannon was going to take me to a nice resturant, but instead, she was only interested in eating crab cakes. So we ended up at her house in bed.
by CatDog122 March 12, 2017
When a woman masterbates with her partners stiff turd.
Kim enjoyed a long 15 minute session of cat eating the cake with Jeffrey's long stiff corn fill stick.
by St augustine wife swap September 4, 2017
Eat the cake, Anna Mae (used in Beyonce ft. Jay Z's song "Drunk In Love," is a reference to Tina Turner. Before she became uber famous, her name was Anna Mae. When she was in a diner, after she released her first single, two kids came up to her and asked for her autograph, not her husband's, Ike. Ike got jealous. He got some cake so they could celebrate, but when Anna Mae didn't want to eat it, he said, "Eat the cake, Anna Mae!" and pretty much forced it in her mouth and started attacking her. She was able to get away from her abusive partner, and start her musical career.
"Eat the cake Anna Mae, said Eat the cake, Anna Mae"
by jdhorner February 24, 2014
That act of eating ass. Also known as rimming. Oral sex on a female with a large well shaped ass.
I'm going to take that girl with the nice ass home, I want to eat cake!
by Echo4Romeo May 1, 2020
1. Eating pussy
2. Eating out (sexually)
3. Eating a girl's stuff (cake)
4. To use your mouth to sexually stimulate a girl's vagina
Ex 1:
Kathy: Yeah, I sucked his dick and I was hoping he would return the favor but he doesn't eat cake!

Ex 2:
Bob: Kathy totally blew me last night.
Fred: No shit? Did you eat cake?
Bob: No! That shit's gross, dawg.
by pc15 December 8, 2008
From Jay-Z's verse on Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love". although he got it from the movie about Tina and Ike Turner, what he is really doing is saying that Beyoncé eat his ass.
"My girl is hella freaky bruh"
"I was all like 'Eat the cake, Anna Mae now eat the cake anna mae!' and the bitch actually ate my ass"
by Cool Kid_Ty March 11, 2014