A person who out of respect or compassion for animals, the environment, creation, or their own self, has chosen to eliminate animal products including, but not limited to, meat, dairy, eggs, honey, leather and wool from their lives. Often reviled by society, they are a committed group, who put ethics and love before the dictates of their taste buds or tradition. Vegans often cross-identify as radicals, pacifists, hippies and new age spiritiualists.
Moby is a vegan; Leonardo da Vinci was a vegetarian.
by Jennifer L. Howell July 20, 2003
1: someone who abstains not only from eating meat, but also milk, eggs, and anything else derived from animals.
Note: Not to be confused with a Nazivegan, who follows a vegan diet but flaunts one's veganhood over everyone else as if it is somehow morally superior. Kinda like saying that a gazelle is morally superior to a lion because the lion is a carnivore, you know? They're not better than each other; just different.
'I made sure I had veggie patties and vegetable shishkabobs on hand at my barbecue because some of the people I invited are vegans.'
by veeeeeeeeeegan May 8, 2003
A mass murder of thousands of innocent fruits and vegetables.
Annoying fucking vegan: What's you favorite candy?
Brandon: Sour Patch Kids
Annoying fucking vegan: THAT'S NOT VEGAN
(Inspiration Jubilee 6 vegans vs 1 non-vegan)
by Kitolada April 21, 2020
A mindless group of people who are totally ignorant to the feelings of fruits and vegetables. These are people who dont eat meat for reasons other than health or weight loss. They normally form the same argument about animal cruelty, when in fact, animals have no true feelings or emotion, and if we didn't eat them they would suffer and die anyway just like everything else does. As for the sport of it least animals have some chance of escape, unlike plants.
That damn lettuce patch never saw it coming. They were ambushed in the middle of the night by a band of salad-loving vegans.
A diet and/or lifestyle that promotes not using any animal products or byproducts.

The vegan diet and lifestyle are both impossible to follow to the fullest, so most vegans tend to stop when it becomes inconvenient. For example, animal products are used to vulcanize rubber and process steel. So a true vegan would be forced to shun most anything found in an industrialized nation, notably things such as cars, buses, airplanes and bicycles. Also, the vegan diet does not and cannot supply vitamin B12, as this essential vitamin only comes from meat and dairy. So a vegan must either take vitamin supplements, (which one way or another come from an animal) give up the diet altogether, or face B12 deficiency; which can cause brain damage.

Generally, vegans tend to ignore such glaring contractions and problems, preaching that they are the moral elite; even if they happen to be wearing leather shoes.
Veganism may be well intentioned, but it's undeniably flawed.
by GAWII May 22, 2008
When being a pure vegetarian is soo important that nothing, no matter how minisculely tiny an ingredient source is - they HAVE to know if it's 'unpure'.
Charlese wants to know the source of the plant food we used in our organic garden - she's veganer than we are!
by freesumpin April 12, 2010
Vegans: The plural of vegan.

A vegan is someone who, for political, moral, or health reasons, does not eat meat or any animal products such as milk, eggs or cheese.
Vegan: Eggs are chicken abortions!

Omnivore at the next table: I'll have a bacon and cheese omelette and a buttered bagel, please.

Vegan: *faint*

Vegans can get a bit overexcited at times.
by Dr. Moreau May 8, 2006