shit that moms give to their kids to make them shut up for once in a while
fuck son, shut up for once in your life. "BUUUUUT MOOOOOMY I NEEEEEEEEEEEED MY VBUCKS FOOOOOOR THHHHEHEHEHEH NEW SKIIIIIN" fine you fucking twat here you go *hands over credit card* "OHHHH WOWY FANKS MOOMMMY"
by twitch-akira August 16, 2019
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A V-Buck is a currency used in the game referred to as Fortnite this is also the currency used for ten year old enslavement
Epic Gamer #1: so, I'll give you two V-bucks for that ten year old.
Epic Gamer #2: make it three
Epic Gamer #1 you drive a hard bargain, I'll give you four if you include a non epic Gamer as well
by EPIC GAMER #3 August 14, 2019
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The thing that cost a crap load of money that you just earn form you job at McDonald pay check. if you are lucky to get some you will want the sweat relieve of death knowing you can barley buy anything. everyday when you sleep at night you will soon want the new skins but you'll soon want to kill yourself after knowing it coast 20 buck for one thing.
Yo bro, I just got my mcyds paycheck you down to fortnite brah.
Hell yeah man, Hook me up wit tem V Bucks.

Wait man my paycheck is only $10
Thats alright we can get the starter pack! its only 5 each!
But i need to pay taxes. I am poooooorrrr
Alright im on to the next friend
i guess i will just buy the wiggle emote
by stop and get some help April 10, 2018
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Slang for "virginity" referencing how Fortnite players are all virgins.
Friend: "Bro, I heard Nathan lost his V-Bucks"
Me: "No way! Now he can't leave her if he tried"
by Jastan Gambla August 30, 2018
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Something that 6-year old kids buy using their mom’s credit card.
My mother thought my V-Bucks were bitcoin, so she grounded be for life, and tried to spend my V-Bucks on crack. What she didn't know is that V-Buck are from Fortnite, and when she found out she said "I cAn'T bUy CrAcK bEcAuSe Of ePiC gAmEs!11!!"
by Brickdasher1 HD January 23, 2020
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A type of currency in the game of fortnite but is a currency for beta male virgins
Hey sick why you have so much vbucks you e-boy virgin
by Off-White-Disc December 29, 2019
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V-bucks are a virtual in game currency used in the popular game fortnite. V-bucks (virtual bucks) can be bought in many different paggages. V-bucks are primarily bought by nine year olds who have NO life. V-bucks are very expensive as 140= £1. In conclusion don’t buy V-bucks
Mum! Lemme buy some v-bucks
via giphy
by C4MSW3 December 09, 2019
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