you wanna know why jose is so hott??!

cuz his last name is vazquez
by elohvee August 26, 2008
The act of knocking down the oppenent's receivers in a game of Nfl Blitz before the receiver has made contact with the ball (blatant pass interference if it were real football).
-"Dude I didn't even throw the ball yet, quit vazquezing me."
-"I'll vazquez your shit all day long motherfucker."
by DavefromDecent10 October 19, 2009
Angry Puerto Rican parts manager that drinks heavily on Saturdays.
Sean is such a Vazquez
by nickisabitch123 January 5, 2018
A friendly, sociable, easy-going guy, who is sometimes manic, always fun and usually of Puerto Rican descent. Friends love him; Geico fears him. Hobbies include food-photography, moonlighting as a midget pole dancer that vaguely resembles Rod Stewart and compulsively playing with light switches.
The show was profoundly amazing and emotionally powerful; much like Jovan Vazquez's dance performance, to "Tiny Dancer."
by Iamafisherman January 14, 2011
The absolute goat no one comes close
He’s 18 years old and plays for Real Madrid
Has a big ass forehead
Person 1: Who’s starting today for Real Madrid
Person 2: Lucas Vazquez, Zidane loves him
by VazquezForehead August 10, 2019
The act of peeing on someone with a large head
Boy I really Golden Vazquez'd that chick with freakin' large head
by Golden Vazquez Luva July 6, 2011
A term used to define illegal Mexicans. Often used for ones associated with Mexican cartels.
Dude have you seen that short fuck in first period?
The Gionex Vazquez
by Crinjay7676 November 23, 2021