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That city where the average house price in the metropolitan region is now $699,000 as of august 2006, and where one in three houses for sale is listed at over a million dollars. Torontonians who move here usually end up downsizing from a 4 bedroom house in the city to a 2 bedroom condo or townhome 3 hours from downtown.
Sells toronto house for $378,000. Heads to Vancouver and looks around...

Richmond: $658,000
Surrey: $544,000
Burnaby: $680,000
Vancouver east: $560,000
Vancouver west: $1,200,000
North Vancouver: $814,000
West Vancouver: $1,500,000
White Rock: $710,000

Shit, looks like I'll hv to live in Victoria or sth...

Victoria: $548,000
Kelowna: $391,000

Oh mannnn...
by Rennie_ September 08, 2006

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Since Vancouver has filled the "Best place in the universe" category, residents of this mediocre sprawling mess have only the size of "T dot" to fall back on, thus hailing it the centre of the universe, or of Canada at least, (since mid-size US cities like even Detroit are larger than Toronto). In a highschool, Toronto would be the fat ugly chick with inferiority complex and a rich daddy.
Torontonian: Yeah, TDot's the best man! Downtown Canada! What does your little town have to offer, huH??"

(Gets owned by someone from any Canadian city)

"Yeah, well...my city is bigger than yours!!!"
by Rennie_ September 05, 2006

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