White Rock Neighborhood is a small hood in Rancho Cordova/ East Sacramento, this hood is territory of the east side piru gang, this area is not as bad or as active as it use to be but it is still known for gang like activitie, Sacramento rapper Liltrev gave this hood its fame.
I’m a real white rock nigga WRG ( white rock gangsta) for life😤😤
by FrontoMan💯 November 16, 2020
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A city located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Known for its famous beach and pier. Many restaurants line the strip.
White Rock is a beautiful summer spot
by bgunz May 1, 2006
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A small city located near the US boarder on the lower mainland of Bristish Columbia. Although White Rock ends at 16th Ave. South Surrey is basically the same place up to South Point. White Rock is known for its rich appearance and is "safe" from Surrey. There's hardly any black or brown people in White Rock (other than those working on construction sites) but there is a large Korean population. White Rock is named white rock because there's a large white rock on the beach which has been tagged by nearly every person in the city.
Daily White Rock kid conversation -
Kid 1 "dude, everythings closed at 11. What should we do?"
Kid 2 "Smoke gak?"
by Nahunni June 19, 2006
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v. Being propositioned by a swinger couple. The etimology of the phrase white rock comes from the urban legend that a house with decorative white rocks in the front is a signal that it is occupied by active swingers, and an open invitation. (see also, swing set)
I can't believe Steven and Josephine white rocked us at the party last night!
by Bloggernaut June 14, 2010
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normaly placed on the front porch of married military members who are swingers.
dude 1: you think their into that?

dude 2: um... yeah... they've got the little white rock and everything!
by kouh April 24, 2008
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White rock is like calling someone a crack head.

Because of crack being a white rock powder.
Dude your such a white rock
I don’t even do crack?
by ItsJK14 January 31, 2021
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