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n. a communinty college in San Diego that is often considered to be more like thirteenth grade rather than actually college
Joey: Hey Jens where are you going to college?
Jens: I am actually going to Palomar.
Joey: Hahahah, Jens, Palomar isn't college, its thirteenth grade
by JBizzou July 31, 2006
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n. Commonly referred to as UC Palomar but more accurately described as an extension of Poway High School (Thirteenth Grade). Students who find themselves going this route in the public educational system often find themselves going no place at all. Although regular classes are held, attendance is not mandatory or even neccesary in order to "graduate".

Most post graduate work includes: Living with fellow graduates in San Marcos, working for minimum wage, and petty theft.
Billy: Hows progess at palomar?

Palomar Comet: I've actually been focusing most of my time working on my career as grocery cart attendant and making enough bank to fund my smoking habits.
by billybobjoel August 30, 2006
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a college in san marcos where 80% of the student cannot pass math 60.

goddamn, there are like 50 classes for math 50 and 60 and only 4 classes for math 140... Palomar is full of old ass milfs

by Ca$hMoneYmilfs September 16, 2008
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