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(verb): To female ejaculate, i.e., to shoot liquid from one's vagina during orgasm. (This phenomenon occurs in a minority of women.)

See also: vajaculation, n.

Etymology: vaj (short for vagina) + ejaculate.
Watch out if you go down on Jessica -- she's liable to vajaculate in your face when she comes.
by fauxbourdon December 07, 2005
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1. the female ejaculation
2. the act of ejaculating into a vagina without a condom (a heterosexual action)
1. John went down on Sandra for a whole hour last night and she vajaculated all over his face!
2. "How did you get pregnant?"

"Well, we were having sex and all of the sudden he vajaculated without warning."
by jabbrt April 26, 2017
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