a large barrel like vibrator with an erect penile like protrusion that "spins" at an incredible rate and a pad that stimulates the clitoral region through vibrating. It has speed control for both the pad and the dildo, they are very expensive and can be found at www.sybian.com. Sybians are known to bring about earth shaking orgrasms.
My favorite type of pornography is when a girl rides a sybian!
by Venus-Fan May 5, 2003
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Pretty much the end of the male race as we know it. One of the most bodacious inventions as it makes males obselete in the act of sexual intercourse. Fuck the inventor of the Symbian as now girls have another alternative to the good old fasioned shlong.
Slutty Girl: Wanna come over my house tonight cause i just got a Sybian n we can play on it instead of with some guy.
Slutty Girl 2: Yeah sounds like fun
Guy: God damm i hate the inventor of the Symbian, mofo is limiting my already small amount pussy that i can get.
by Steve-Dave Smith August 25, 2006
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a device used by women for masturbation purposes.
She uses a Sybian machines rather than have sex with her hubby.
by uttam maharjan June 1, 2011
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Method of dance where the female drops her ass as close to the floor as possible while still on her feet, then quickly bounces up and repeats the move until it’s time to go fuck some random guy in a club bathroom stall.
She’s so good at that Sybian dance, It almost looks like she has the sex device here at the night club.
by Goosey Goose August 21, 2020
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the act of a threesome between three women in which two make a scissor pose with their legs while the woman in the middle sways side to side.
Sarah: She totally gave them a Sybian Sandwich!
by pusi HOUND 420 September 17, 2021
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