Cunt Cream

Nothing else but pure twat relif

OOF! barbera, i had a nasty itch but this cunt cream seems to have sorted it

oh really? whats it called

umm... vagisil
by Loserboy (richard rees) August 11, 2006
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vagisil is a comfort
vagisil is lightly scented
vagisil is widely recognized as a U.S. brand leader in the feminine hygiene product market
vagisil is played by william shatner
vagisil is the name
vagisil is monostat's arch enemy
vagisil is for yeast infections and not stds o_o and i'm sorry i have neither
vagisil is a creme designed to relieve "feminine itching" and imagine putting something down there that you are
Vagisil is so effective that often times you will only need half a tube. Then you can make your money back from e-bay.
by Tha_Cuddla April 19, 2004
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Taken orally to decrease brain cells. Also, Eric Cartmans NASCAR sponsor.
Commercial: When a woman isn't feeling her freshest, she turns to Vagisil

Cartman: Goddammit another Vagisil commercial!!?

Commercial: stop feminie itching and relieve vaginal odors.

Butters: All those ladies have stinky vaginas?!
by ThaBigCheesy October 10, 2010
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An extremely contagious disease that occurs when a man ignores his friends' phone calls and text messages because a vagina is within 3 feet of his penis.

Can also occur when a guy is in a relationship where the woman wears the pants, when the woman is in charge of the mans phone, or the man loses all desire to interact with anyone but the vagina that is within three feet of his penis.

In rare occassions, this epidemic can transfer to women that meet a cute guy with a super cute dog. In this case, it's called Penisilence.
The Thread

Paul: "Kyle is awfully quiet on the group text tonight."

Antwan: "Yeah he had a date."

Staci: "Poor little guy, must be suffering from Vagisilence..."

... 3 weeks later...

Kyle: "Hey guys, what's goin on?"
by Vagisilence creator January 9, 2016
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this is the term used to describe a driver that is resourceful and can slip out of any sticky driving situation. The drivers slick driving eases discomfort not only for the other driver, but for passengers and everyone involved in the near fatal encounter.
Wow!! what a manuever that was, that dude has vagisil wheels.
by mexicanfoodstamp November 17, 2009
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An interesting blend of combinations of Ingredients to make my very own creation the Vagisil Smootie.

3 Full Cups of Ice
1/4 Cup of Sugar
Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
1 Tube of Vagisil
1 Cup of Strawberries
1 Banana
2 Shots of Crown Royal
And The secret ingredient a pinch of Cinammonm, only the finest though.

After you have gathered these materiels and items Get an average blender. Combine them all in it. Set it too shred. Then Enjoy (\"\\(O.o)/\")
That vagisil smoothie tasted Hella uv good, lets get another.
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