Person 1: we ran out of pucker.
Person 2: how will we get drunk?
Person 3: I have some Vanilla extract in my cupboard.
by SwiNgeR July 11, 2003
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When a there are some white stains remaining around the bedroom.
Ayyy bro, some Vanilla Extract on the wall bro, innit
by George The Frying Pan December 08, 2019
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Your white friend who's super extra and does the most at all times
"Hey, did you hear that Courtney got overcharged at Chipotle and, as revenge, she stole all of their hot sauce? Why does she always do the most?"
"Damn, that's the textbook definition of vanilla extract. You should hear about my white boy Dave though - he's so vanilla extract that he once fucked in plain sight at a NASCAR event. Vanilla extract as fuck."
by analdeyrey69! March 13, 2017
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Vanilla that is pure and is extracted.
My bussy was to tight so I put vanilla lotion on it and it worked so it must have contained pure Vanilla Extract
by bussylicker647 May 07, 2021
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Describes a person who is interested in exclusively vanilla sex. Used most commonly as a joke or insult.
Person 1: do you know that guy over there? He's kinda hot.
Person 2: don't tap that. He's pure vanilla extract.
by StrangeGal March 29, 2016
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