The only actor in the world that spends the first half of his career building a name for himself and then spends the second half making fun of it.
Ever since he did that skit on SNL where he told people at a convention to get a life, Shatner had been mocking himself.
by insanitos January 31, 2004
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A multi-faceted entertainer who is very good at remaking himself for a new audience. Reference Star Trek, TJ Hooker, Boston Legal or his CD Has Been.
I need to pull a william shatner at my new job.
by kori lewis September 25, 2005
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the best thing to come out of canada since, erm ahh ahem well anyway something for canadalavians to be proud of. still an actor watched more times by more people than tom cruise or arnie simply because of start trek which still rocks after 40 years.
william shatner got picked to sing the national anthem over celine dion.
oh can--a--da our home and native la-haha-and
by da original playa June 2, 2006
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When someone has a bad connection in Call of Duty and they move around like William Shatner in Family Guy.
Guy 1: Argh, I can't shoot him.
Guy 2: Yeah, he's William Shatnering.
Guy 1: Yeah, wait, what?
Guy 2: He's William Shatnering.. look it up on urban dictionary.
Guy 1: Okay... homo.
by Andy-boi-a-boi-wan-boi April 6, 2010
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When you need to take a fat shit during work. The best part about this William shatner is that you get paid for it, no matter how long that shatner takes
Break time! Time to take a William Shatner. Greattt
by Temp1234 October 4, 2006
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When you've been holding in a big shit, and before you can even sit down, the pressure of bending over causes immediate uncontrolable shit explosion, that in turn sticks to the back of the toilet and when flushed does NOT go any where.
Gosh Darnit who left the William Shatner on the back of

my toilet bowl . It's the size of the Enterprise !
by Ima S Wiper October 17, 2009
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