the flap of skin that hides the vagina hole (also an insult very insulting)

p.s worse then a penis wrinkle.
1) Girl 1: whats that noise? Girl 2: my vagina flap flapping in the wind.

2) Girl move that vagina flap so i can stick my rod inside you.

3) What a deuche. do you mean stop being such a vagina flap.
by 69 rosa parks 69 June 16, 2011
The massive flap of fat that hangs over a woman's vagina. Also known as a "butt in the front."
by Dylan Wilson and Deidra Banks October 27, 2008
1. The "lips" of a big, juicy vag.

2. An insult used to explain an over-weight person.
1. "She must have HUGE vagina flaps."

2. "That person is so fucking fat, their belly looks like two huge vagina flaps."
by Agirlmadethisup! September 11, 2009
1.A discusting word used by people that are trying to be funny but dont succeed.

2.The lips of a womans vagina.

3.The sound when a girl is loose and gets fingered.
1. Person1: sally thinks shes the hottest girl in school.
Person2: yeah shes such a vagina flap.

2.the part two little flaps that hide my clit are called vagina flaps!

3.joel: i had sex with samantha last night, and i could hear her vagina flap.

Sammy: hahah! i knew she was loose!
by scarrr123 November 6, 2007
When a woman goes without showering for a long period of time her vagine flaps develope a sort of crust that oderous. If this happens ladies, SHOWER IMMEDIETLY!
"Daayymm that chick i banged last night had a nasty case of crusty vagina flap!"
by B.J. Hurtz April 13, 2008
Where the flaps of a woman's vagina become moist and clamp, creates a rancid overpowering smell, most likely to be found withing teenage girls. Can be used as an insult
Girl 1: OMG i have a sweaty vagina flap!! :(

Guy 1: Its ok i once had an anal cunumdrum that's much worse!!

Girl 1: How is it?! This reeks!

Guy 1: Trust me, its bad
by m-winters July 14, 2011