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A woman who is basically a gay man; she likes all the same stuff that gay men like, and gets along well with gay men.
A: why are you always hanging with gay men? you're such a fag hag!

B: no, i'm just a vaggot. Hey did you see the new OUT?
by Zagaloo February 23, 2010
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Slang: A Derogatory term for straight male/s who constantly use "gay" as an negative adjective or/ and "faggot" as an insult.
"Do you think Chris is acting like a Vaggot because he wants to hide his sexuality"
"No, He's probably just an asshole"
by Waters May 01, 2014
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Maggots inside the vagina resulting from putting food in there to be eaten out and forgetting to douche out the vag.
My girlfriend put tuna in her cum dumpster for me to eat out, but i didn't get it all out and the next week she had vaggots
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A maggot that is eating the decayed remains of a female human vagina.
a.She had a yeast infection so bad, you could have sword there were vaggots eating that shit.
b. As I walked into the room I could only smell the cold stale stench of vaggot ridden vagina
by Jonathan December 13, 2004
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1. Lesbian

2. Total Vagina Fag (Homosexual-Seeming Straight Male)

Ashton: Did you ever get with those two sisters?
John: Yes I fucked those vaggots.
Ashton: Prove it.
John: www redtube com/2476

Ashton: Are you sure that guy isn't a homosexual?
John: Yeah, that's his girlfriend.
Ashton: Total Vagina Fag?
John: Clearly, the kid's a fuckin' vaggot.
by John and Ashton in a Room July 04, 2009
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a general term of derision for females that display any number of obnoxious tendencies such as talking too loud, too fast, finishing others sentences and generally dominating conversations. Can be used in other contexts also.
She totally outtalks me. She is such a vaggot.
by grinningandbearingit June 09, 2011
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