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noun. the region of a woman's anatomy encompassing both the vagina and anus, and all additional parts betwixt
For those who enjoy performing both cunnilingus and analingus, the vagenus is a banquet of pleasures for the palate.
by Dragon Prince November 15, 2007
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Term for the penus and vagina. Usually to symbolize transvestite with both organs.
I don't think I'd do her, she has a vagenus, you know.
by CallMeKenzi May 05, 2009
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The combination of vagina and uterus, which is what women use to rule the world.
Bobby: "Kyle this girl keeps calling me Billy and won't stop".

Kyle: "It's because she has a vagenus."
Bobby: "Oh ok. I get it now."
by KYLEHARRIS24 January 08, 2010
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A vagina and a penis
Brad: Hey look, Carrie has a vagenus!
Carrie: No I don't! Okay... maybe I do. It's just because I got a sexual transplant or you can call it a transgender surgery. It wasn't supposed to be half coochee, half wiener. I had to get the surgery because I was born with a wiener and I couldn't live with it. It's so hard to pee. Those dang Asians messed me up. I had to pay 6.5 million dollars for this dang surgery. I'm so embarrassed.
by floopy765 February 27, 2008
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