A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. She is a natural born warrior who always fights for what she believes in. Very charismatic and nice to everyone she meets. Can have moments of doubt or be hard on herself but she quickly gets out of negative situations. Makes the room shine with her laughter. Always knows how to have a good time and make lots of friends. You want to have a Sua in your life to make it a whole lot better :)
Person 1 : I met the most amazing girl today !

Person 2 : I bet her name was Sua !
by Ohdeerhuman July 12, 2018
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user1:Lol, that was a rofl.
user2:SUA you moron
by WhiteWolf April 01, 2004
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bad ass bitch known for giving her opinions and keeping them. known on kpop stan instagram and twitter, she continues to battle broke ass adults who have nothing better to do in their lives.
yooo did you see sua’s post?”
“omg yeah she’s such a bad bitch i wanna be her”
by antigay!!! February 05, 2019
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Sua’s a nice girl but can be mean at times. She’s caring and will do anything to cheer you up. She’s a great person so don’t let her go. She can be shy and won’t confess her feelings towards you. Yes she’s very petty at times but an awesome person at the end, don’t let her go.
“Sua is very petty, but I love her”
“I think Sua needs help with her anger issues!”
by It’s the truth January 20, 2018
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A slang used in Singapore, mentioned at the end of a sentence as a way of saying "I'd rather/might as well/whatever/fuck it", or, to indicate or express contentment with whatever outcome the situation provides.
For example: you've been studying for a test tomorrow, but you decide to give up and say "Fuck this. Smoke sua."
Another example: You can't decide on where to eat when you're out with some friends, and your friend says "McDonald's sua."

The word "sua" can also be used after a sentence ends, as a new word after a full stop(period).

For example: You just found out your class position after a test, "13th out of 15? Sua."

Understand now what sua means? No? Fuck off sua.
by SHFQ September 26, 2011
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Straight Up Awesome. Used in times when something in straight up awesome.
"Is that a photo from the top of the Freedom Tower?! SUA!"

"Are you telling me they're giving out free minions?! SUA!"
by TiPi November 26, 2014
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1. brother-in-law
2. friend
In papiamentu, that is the language they speak in Curaçao.

It's pronounced as Sue a(of star)
Guy 1:What up sua?
Guy 2:I'm great
by Postboy November 15, 2006
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