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A suburb about 36 miles west of D.C. Used to be open farmland about 15 years ago. Now it has many new residential developments where yuppie families and soccer moms move to get away from the city. Haymarket is the typical post-WWII American Dream vision of suburbia, where mommy, daddy, Bobby, Tammy, and their dog Polly live in a nice big house and are constantly smiling. Nice place to live in if you have a family. Live there while you're single however, and you will slowly lose your sanity, possibly killing yourself in the end. If work in DC and you live out there, your everyday commutes will easily take up 3-4 hours of transportation time due to traffic on Interstate 66.
Patty: "Honey, lets live in a nice big house next to the golf course in Haymarket"
Danny: "Yes sweetie, I'm getting tired of this crazy population here in Fairfax"
by PhoenixFolded March 27, 2010
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An overpopulated town about 30 miles from Washington D.C. that is also referred to as Gaymarket. Here, you will find mass amounts of overpriced, cheaply built houses that are too close together. If you are able to leave your expensive gated "community" because of all the traffic, you will find that there isn't much to do anyway. Venture into the jungle known as the high school, only two years old, and find that there is already not enough teachers for the amount of students, because the city will not stop building houses. If would like to meet people, don't bother. Everyone is too busy to have time to smile, or even apologize for running into you.
Forget Haymarket, I'm moving back to Alabama.
by FatallyGorgeous November 06, 2006
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Haymarket is a little town thats barely big enough to live in. Even though developments near by have the same zip code, they are actully not in Haymarket. Anyone who wasn't born there, hates to live there. No one lives in Haymarket all their lives. And if there was someone who did, they'd have children with their sister/brother or mother/father and wouldn't know that there was a world outside of those 3 blocks.
Living in Haymarket in a death-sentence.
by peaches4427 March 06, 2005
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